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Threshold Residential Services, Inc.
  50 N. Sumner Street, P.O. Box 466 ¨ East Palestine, OH 44413 ¨ (330) 426-4165 

Threshold    Residential    Services,  Inc. recognizes the worth and uniqueness of individuals with disabilities.  Therefore, we are committed to enhancing the lives of the people we serve by providing individualized quality supports that encompass compassion, dignity, and creative     choice.

Threshold Residential Services is a non-profit organization made up of compassionate, dedicated staff that strives to keep true to the original reasons our organization was developed; to expose our clients to a community filled with personal choice, goals, and opportunities in the least restrictive environment possible.


As a non-profit organization, Threshold has professional memberships with Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA), Crest Network, and Ohio Association of Non-Profit (OANO).  Threshold has a Board of Directors that governs it, made up of local community leaders, parents, and professionals in Columbiana County.

Threshold has an “open door” policy for family members that we continually strive to maintain.  We offer services to any and all residents who select us as their provider.  Our supports can range from a few hours per day to twenty-four hours per day.  Threshold makes every effort to stay individualized for every client, constantly changing our program to better meet the needs of those individuals seeking Threshold as their provider.

Why Choose Us?


Threshold Residential Services provides a variety of settings that promote individuality and choice.  Threshold provides supports and goals that will include both compassion and maintain individual dignity.  It is the agencies goal to help our clients develop their full potential, while again, maintaining the least restrictive environment.

We adhere to all all of the local, state, and federal rules and regulations. Threshold's policies are written in such a manner that they provide a person with quality of life, and the opportunity to make choice in their life.

Threshold will continue to train and develop staff to treat and provide treatment to individuals with DD with this compassion and dignity as the leading influence.


Does Threshold sound like the right choice?

Give us a call anytime, or just stop by.


Threshold Residential Services, Inc

Call: (330) 426-4165

50 N. Sumner Street, P.O. Box 466
East Palestine, OH 44413

Office Hours: 9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday 






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