EP Corner Store

What's the new store down on the corner?  It's the East Palestine Corner Store!  The Corner Store opened its doors in August of 2015 and we have got nothing but great feedback ever since! 

Owned and operated by Threshold Residential Services, The Corner Store's proceeds directly benefit our clients as well as The Humane Society!  We have partnered with The Humane Society who provides all their own items for sale in the store!  Any items purchased that are marked with a yellow tag are Human Society items!  The proceeds from those items are forwarded directly to The Humane Society!

The Corner Store offers a collection of items at half or even a quarter of the cost you'd pay at a regular department store!  We have items ranging from small furniture, cookware, sports clothing, toys, and home goods!  Looking for a gift for a friend or maybe just a new item for your home decor?  Come on in!  I'll bet you'll find it here!  I know we'd love to see you!

Check out some pictures of items we've had in the past as well as clients who've found employment at our store!

Interested in Donating to our Store?

With the help of donated items we are able to keep our prices low and pass the amazing deals onto our customers!  Someone's kind donation today could be YOUR bargain find tomorrow in our store!

Threshold is a Not for Profit 501(c)(3) entity so all items you donate can be deducted from your taxes at the end of the year!  Just ask for a receipt when delivering your items!

We accept gently used / new:
  • Household Goods
  • Children's Toys
  • Glassware
  • Small Tools
  • Purses / Handbags
  • Small Furniture (Ex. Dining Chairs, End Tables)
  • School / Office Supplies
  • Holiday Items
Items we DO NOT accept:
  • Bedding / Pillows
  • Clothing (Sports T-Shirts Accepted)
  • Items that are broken or in ill repair
  • Large and Small Appliances
  • Box TV's
  • Desktop Computers
  • Mattresses
  • Drop Side Cribs
  • Pack N' Plays
  • Car Seats
  • Strollers
  • Weapons
Don't stress too much on the "will they, won't they"! 

We understand sometimes it can be difficult to know if an item you have is something we would accept or not.  So any items we receive that we cannot sell at our store will be donated on to another charity!   We greatly appreciate any items we receive!  Each donation is a job created!  Our clients work hard to take the items we receive and get them retail ready!

Where to Deliver your Donations

All donations can be delivered to our Open Door Opportunities Workshop

140 N. Market Street
East Palestine, OH 44413

Deliveries will be accepted between 10am and 2pm, Monday - Friday.
Just ring the bell at the back entrance behind the building!

EP Corner Store

110 N. Market St.
East Palestine, OH 44413

Phone:  330-886-0372

Store Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday,  9:00am - 4:00pm
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