Columbiana County
7675 State Route 45 
Lisbon, Ohio 44432
Phone: (330) 424-7788


Mahoning County
4791 Woodridge Drive 
Austintown, Ohio 44515-4899
Phone: (330) 797-2825

How to Access our Services

1.  The first step in accessing our services is to contact your local County Board of DD. There is a county board in each of the 88 Ohio counties and the phone number can be found in the telephone book or On-Line for your specific county.

You will be assigned an SSA which stands for service support administrator. (Sometimes this person is called a Case Manager or Waiver Administrator.) This is a county board staff person assigned to work directly with you the consumer, family or guardian. The SSA is responsible for working with you to plan, coordinate and monitor your individualized program and intervening when necessary to assure continuity and consistency of services.

2.  The second step is to determine eligibility for services. Your SSA will explain everything to
about eligibility requirements for Medicaid and Medicaid Waivers. If Medicaid eligibility has not been determined, your SSA will help coordinate the application process with the Department of Job and Family Services. Your SSA will also explain the different kinds of Waivers and will guide you through the Waiver application process.

A WAIVER is another way that MEDICAID can pay for services to keep you in your home so you do not have to move to a long-term care facility or nursing home.  If the consumer does not qualify for Medicaid, there are other payment options that will be explained fully by your SSA.
The third step is to determine what types of services are needed. Your SSA will coordinate the assessment process and work with you to develop an ISP - an Individual Service Plan designed to ensure that all your needs are met.

The fourth step is to determine who will provide the services that are needed based on the Level of Care assessment. You have a right to CHOOSE a provider of services. If your choice is Threshold Residential Services, then you can request that services be provided by Threshold Residential Services.

Consumer Protection at Threshold Residential Services


We conduct thorough screenings of all potential employees before hiring them to work in our facilities which include:  Drug Testing, TB Testing. Background Checks, FBI & BCI Fingerprinting, and Driving Record Checks.


Advocating for consumers is a full-time commitment at TRS. Staff advocates include individuals living with challenges who understand the challenges of others.  TRS offers a program to help people with challenges have opportunities, options and choices, and to lead more self-determined lives.

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